Information on how electric energy has been used and will be used can assist you to manage the scarcity of electrical energy and power.

An analytics platform for your needs

The BatteryLoop NetZeroAnalytics platform can be deployed as a digital tool in your building prior to investing in a BLESS™ system to understand your energy consumption. It can also be deployed as an integrated tool combined with your BLESS™ product.

Optimize your financial return on solar energy, charging, and energy storage by using BatteryLoop NetZeroAnalytics. You can keep track of how your BLESS™ is being used and learn from historical power consumption and production. The analytics platform can be configured to track your solar production and charging infrastructure, optimizing your integrated assets as one power management entity. The analytics platform uses artificial intelligence to optimize the best use of the energy storage system in the near future, leveraging historical data and usage patterns.

By identifying usage patterns of charging infrastructure or other energy consumption within your building and combining that with knowledge of the cost of energy storage at any single moment the BatteryLoop NetZeroAnalytics will optimize the peak shaving and loadshifting using the BLESS™ energy storage.

The BatteryLoop NetZeroAnalytics will increase the financial benefit of your combined investment in energy storage and charging infrastructure.