Real estate

Lack of power is a growing challenge for real estate owners, driven by urbanization and growing demand for reliable charging infrastructure. BatteryLoop’s products and services help you as a real estate owner to meet the new situation.

Decreasing the risk for real estate owners

BatteryLoop offers solutions that fit the needs of a real estate owner in the electrification era.
The energy production system changes as it becomes more decentralized using more solar and wind energy than before. At the same time urbanization is ongoing at a steady pace.

The future trend of renewable energy production combined with energy storage systems will decrease the risk for real estate owners facing changes in peak cost of energy. As the car fleet goes electric, charging infrastructure will be a future demand for being an attractive real estate owner, boosted with energy via BLESS™. In our cities, the zoning planning allows new estates without increasing the power outtake from the grid.

BatteryLoop’s BLESS™ products with Net Zero Analytics software tool enable the real estate owner to steer energy consumption and cost to secure investments for the future.