BatteryLoop offers solutions that fit the needs of maritime ports in the electrification era. Challenges are the same as in other parts of society, but the dimensions are bigger.

Energy storage and audits for maritime ports

Maritime transports are undergoing a similar electrification transformation as on-road transport. One difference is the size of the energy storage and distribution transformation challenge. This drive to net zero emissions within the maritime sector accelerates the need for an efficient onshore power supply supporting the vessel at port.

The maritime port needs to meet the demands of both maritime electrification and onshore transports going electric. This put demand on new energy storage and power distribution solutions in the ports.

BatteryLoop offers solutions to the port’s increasing power demand by providing energy storage solutions addressing both the maritime vessel demand and onshore power demands.

Batteryloop conducts energy audits, solution design, and deployment of onshore power supply systems addressing the increased need for power.