Great energy savings thanks to Energy Audit

Smart control will save over 700 MWh of energy every year. This is the result of an Energy Audit carried out by BatteryLoop’s experts.

During a statutory Energy Audit BatteryLoop’s Experts helped to evaluate operating strategies that will reduce energy losses at a ferry terminal building in Gothenburg.

“We all know that how we drive a car affects the fuel consumption. It is called eco-driving. It is the same when operating buildings. With identified and evaluated measures, we aim to improve the indoor climate while simultaneously save 15% of the building’s annual energy use. This equals 700 MWh every year”, says Anders Grahl, Senior Energy Analyst at BatteryLoop.

The improvements have a payback-time in less than a year and will greatly reduce CO2-emissions from building operations. Further reasons for improvement are the ongoing electrification of ports that will increase the future electricity demand. By improving energy efficiency, power capacity is released to meet the new needs.

“Map, evaluate and reduce energy use are the firsts steps. And with BatteryLoop Energy Storage System (BLESS™) and energy management software, we can provide the remaining power demand in a smarter way”, says Anders Grahl.

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